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Are you manager or a business owner?

The Blockchain Workshop

Our team of experts can help you by transferring all the knowledge you need to get your corporate Blockchain project off the ground.


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Problems to be solved

Thanks to the blockchain technology we have entered an era of unprecedented opportunities for business innovation. At the moment there is great interest, many ideas and discussions but few concrete projects are build.


Digitize your company
by moving part of the process to the Blockchain

By following our Workshop (Business, Techonology, Marketing and Legal) you will bring your company into digital Transformation 4.0 with the right amount of knowledge.


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BASIC BlockChain Workshop

BASIC Workshop – 4 hours – €1000

Open to all participants

Our team will explain the fundamentals of BLOCKCHAIN focusing on CRYPTOECONOMIC aspects to provide you with the tools to create a business model of your business idea.

What will you get out of this Workshop?

  • What is a Blockchain and what business problems it can solve.
  • What is the Cryptoeconomics that underlies the Blockchain?
  • How to isolate a problem to be solved and devise a solution blockchain.
  • How to involve interested people before creating the blockchain solution.
  • How to develop the blockchain solution with smaller and faster iterations.
  • How to define the economics token of your blockchain project.

ADVANCED  Themed Blockchain Workshops

Open only to Members

Blockchain Development

targeted to CIOs

  • Choice of technologies
  • Choice of platforms
  • Security and Auditing

Blockchain Finance/Legal

targeted to CFOs

    • Token Type and Fiscal status
    • Legal aspects Crypto-money
    • Cryptocurrency financials

Blockchain Validator Nodes

targeted to COOs

  • Business processes
  • Document Workflows
  • Distributed Digital Identity



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